EPO Option (for Active Employees and Retirees)

Lower premium with predictable out-of-pocket costs

Is this the plan for you?

  • Two options for care - see your PCP or any other doctor in the network
  • A national network with coverage in all AZ counties
  • In-network coverage only
  • Preventive care included
  • Aetna Health Connections Disease Management, Informed Health Line and Aetna Maternity Program included at no additional cost

How the Plan Works
This plan lets you visit any doctor in the Aetna network without a referral, it's entirely up to you. Visit your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or go directly to another network doctor.

Enjoy the Advantages of CHOICE
Working with a PCP gives you a chance to visit a doctor who will get to know your personal health care needs. Your PCP can give you every day care and treat you for certain illnesses and injuries, knows your health patterns and risks, and can guide you on important health decisions.

Find a PCP or doctor in the network

Visit DocFind® site, and:
SelectAETNA OPEN ACCESS PLANS then select Aetna Select (Open Access) if electing the EPO plan.