Tools to manage your health

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Find a doctor with DocFind®
Use the DocFind directory when you need to search the Aetna network for doctors, labs, hospitals and more.

Learn more about your doctor
To make an informed decision, DocFind® gives you helpful information about a doctor:

  • Plans accepted
  • Office locations
  • Maps and driving directions
  • Medical school attended
  • Board certification
  • Languages spoken

DocFind is updated six days per week, so you have the latest on participating doctors and facilities.

The Aetna member website goes where you go!
The Aetna member website secure member website lets you save time, avoid guesswork and make informed decisions about your health. You’ll be able to:

  • Find doctors, pharmacies, labs, hospitals and urgent care centers
  • Order an Aetna Member ID card or print a temporary card
  • Check your coverage details
  • Keep track of health care costs

If you're not a member, you can take a tour!

Register once. Log in anytime.
Have your Aetna Member ID card ready. You’ll receive it after you enroll.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click the “Register now” link
  • Step 3: Follow the simple prompts

That’s it. Log in anytime, from anywhere you have Internet access.

Look what else you can do with the Aetna member website:

  • Complete an online health assessment
  • Print records of preventive shots and checkups
  • Check the cost of a procedure
  • Get healthy living tips
  • Check claims
  • Check balances on claims and your HSA account
  • And much more!

Keep your health information in one easy place
It’s hard to remember all the details of your health care. That’s why we offer you a Personal Health Record.

Your Personal Health Record is a secure record of your health. Share it with your family, caregivers and doctors if you want.

Learn more your Personal Health Record: Personal Health Record Flyer (PDF)


It stores information about your:

  • Family health history
  • Immunizations
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Doctors
  • Allergies
  • Biometric screening numbers
  • Tests, procedures and more

Use your PHR to:

  • Know when you need checkups and screenings
  • Get alerts about drug interactions
  • Find ways to improve your care
  • Track your health over time

Track your numbers
Use your PHR to store your biometric numbers. That includes your numbers for:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol

You’ll find easy-to-use graphs and charts that show how your numbers change. This is a great tool if you’re making big changes in your health through diet and exercise.


Your PHR is automatically updated for you — based on your claims
Whenever you visit the doctor, we’ll automatically send the information to your PHR. You can add other information, like family history or over-the-counter medications, at your convenience.

Your PHR is more helpful to your doctor when the information is complete and up to date. Be sure to add as much information as often as you can.

You’re mobile. So are we.
Now you can access Aetna with any web-enabled mobile device. It’s a smaller view of the secure Aetna member website where members can search, look up and view the same features while away from their computers.

Just download the Aetna app and go!
Aetna iPhone® App | Android™ App

Members can:

  • Search for a doctor, dentist, hospital or pharmacy
  • Use the Urgent Care Finder to quickly find urgent care centers and walk-in clinics
  • Get driving directions to their doctors
  • Show a digital copy of their Aetna Member ID card to the staff
  • Look up the cost of a procedure or drug while there
  • Register for their secure member site and view claims, coverage and benefits
  • Access their Personal Health Record*

Read our Aetna Mobile FAQs for more information

*This feature is only available to those with access to the personal health record.
iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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