After completing the questionnaire you may be eligible for health coaching.

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Benefit Options Wellness Website - Your BeWell Benefit
As part of your Benefit Options programs through the State of Arizona, there is a wealth of health and wellness resources to help you be healthy today and stay healthy for tomorrow. The Benefit Options BeWell Benefit offers programs and services that empower employees and members to adopt positive health behaviors and proactive self care. As part of your BeWell Benefit you have access to free or low-cost educational programming, preventive health screenings, flu shots, and interactive web tools.

To learn more about the BeWell Benefit go to the Benefit Options Wellness website at: or read our Wellness Program Brochure (PDF).

Did You Know?
BeWell programs you may not know about such as the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment and Web Portal, Employee Assistance Programs, and/or the State of Arizona Employee Tobacco Cessation Program can be accessed online as well.
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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) EAP program information
Tobacco Cessation Program and Benefit Tobacco Cessation Program

The New Direction of Wellness
The newest addition of the BeWell Benefit is the Quarterly Health Targets. Benefit Options Wellness is focusing 5-12 week education, screenings, and resources on specific health conditions each quarter. The chosen health conditions have been identified as the greatest areas of need for our employees and members. Health targets include; Heart Disease, Diabetes, Men's and Women's Health, Stress & Emotional Health, and more.  
What is Near You?
To find upcoming screening events in your area go to the Event Schedule.

Check here for fact sheets on important health topics

Download the Diabetes Fact sheet (PDF)

High Cholesterol
Download the High Cholesterol Fact sheet (PDF)

Download the Hypertension Fact sheet (PDF)

Couch to 5K
Download the Couch to 5K Fact sheet (PDF)

Save money on hearing aids, gym memberships, and more.

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